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Pest and Termite Control in Phoenix

Why use harmful chemicals and poisons that are potentially harmful to the health of your children and pets, as well as the environment? Natural, organic pest control is an effective, non-toxic alternative.

Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control, located in Phoenix, is an organic exterminator that can effectively eliminate most any pest that has infiltrated or infested your Arizona home. There's no need to use harmful, toxic poisons when you can have a natural exterminator do the job safely, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost with green, natural pest control methods.

We use natural pest control materials and techniques, such as diatomaceous earth and boric acid, as well as other organic pest control oils and materials as an all-natural green solution for pest problems that are indigenous to Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Paradise Valley, and surrounding cities.

Environmentally Friendly Exterminator in Phoenix

Our technicians are highly trained in bringing the most effective green pest control solutions to any pest problem based on an educated knowledge of various pest and termite behaviors. You don't need a machete to butter bread, nor do you need toxic chemicals to manage and kill pests and termites. The most effective natural pest control methods use intelligent, analytical application to control the strength of the natural materials that are put to use.

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We are a licensed and fully qualified natural pest control service that resolves general pest control problems for residents in and around the Greater Phoenix area and provides solutions for termite infestation and pest bird concerns. Call 602.923.1457 today for a consultation about your pest problem in Phoenix and surrounding communities, and go green with solutions by Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control.


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