What Wildlife can a Pest Control Specialist Remove?

There are all sorts of pests that can get into your home. Ants, cockroaches, bedbugs and the like all bring their own little problems. However, in many cases these little creatures will be relatively harmless to you, outside of contaminating your food and they can be taken care of quickly with a call to an exterminator. Larger critters, such as a raccoons and squirrels, pose a different sort of threat to a person. They will jump at the chance to try and bite or scratch you if they’re inside your home and feel threatened. It is important that you let a professional wildlife pest control agent take the steps necessary to rid your home of these creatures. They’re bites and scratches can lead to numerous diseases, which may land you in the hospital.

Mice & rats

The most common critters to make their way into a home is rats and mice. They can spread a number of diseases as well as contaminate food with droppings. Home traps may work, but a pest control specialist will offer more humane trapping.


Raccoons are always looking for food and shelter, and will often find themselves trapped in crawl spaces underneath homes. Call a specialist so you don’t get bit and face the chance of rabies.


Messing with a scared skunk is a sure fire way to end up sprayed. That stench is going to be nearly impossible to get out of your clothes or furniture, not to mention your hair.


They’re cute from far away, and ferocious up close. Squirrels are quick little animals that are not afraid to attack when threatened.


A trapped bird can sometimes be easy to rid your home of by simply opening a door or window, but if you find a nest in your eaves or elsewhere on or near your home, call an exterminator to safely move the birds.


Opossums are downright mean. They’ll chase and bite with no remorse. They require special care to move.


Don’t let yourself be turned into a vampire. OK, OK, not going to happen, but they do bite and carry numerous diseases!

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