As the summer came to a close without much of a monsoon season, we are now seeing the results of a dry season – more and more pests looking to make our homes their own. With dwindling amounts of food and water available, some of these pests will appear in larger numbers this year. What follows are five of the more common winter pests in Arizona.


During the winter, spiders will move inside of homes to seek out warm, dark places. Many of the spiders that will enter your home are actually harmless, such as the cellar spider, or the “daddy long-legs” as it is otherwise known. While not a threat to humans, these spiders are predators of other insects and pests, and are encouraged to be left alone. That said, there are a few spiders in Arizona that could pose a threat to your family or pets.

The black widow, a darkly colored spider with either no markings or small red markings on the abdomen, which is venomous and while not necessarily life-threatening, can be prolonged and painful if bitten.

The brown recluse, is a darker colored, brown spider that is also venomous. While no colonies truly reside in Arizona, there are occasional cases of a brown recluse bite. If bitten, make sure to see a medical professional immediately, as reactions vary from person to person.

Venomous spiders that are seen in groups should be dealt with by a professional.


Ants tend to enter hibernation as the winter approaches, although ants that have entered the warmth of a  home may change behaviors and start foraging. Usually an indoor infestation is caused by a greater infestation outside, somewhere close to your home. Call us today for a free inspection, where we will propose a custom plan to handle your infestation problems.


As one of the largest winter pests in Arizona, termites are nothing to joke about. While other places are experiencing snow and greater cold, the winter that Phoenix experiences is far more dry and warm. This creates the perfect indoor environment for termites to thrive in, and will always result in treatment from professionals. If left alone,the structural integrity of your home could be at risk – fear not, as signs of termites usually don’t indicate an immediate risk, although you will need treatment. While there are no at-home treatments you can do yourself, you can check for subterranean termites around your home. Look for droppings, discarded wings, and signs of tunneling.


Although considered a summer pest in Phoenix, cockroaches will still travel through pipes and vents, sometimes entering a home before nesting in the warm environment. Roaches are known to carry many diseases and contaminate food, and even in the colder seasons, roaches still can thrive and multiply. Keeping food out of the open for prolonged periods, and sanitizing regularly will help reduce roach activity.


While they do seek out shelter, mice and rats will sometimes enter homes to escape the cold. As with roaches, rodents often carry germs and disease, and should be immediately dealt with. Be sure to check the entrances to your home, and any ventilation openings for covers that need replacing.

If you have noticed any of these common winter pests in or around your home, give Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control a call today. Offering organic solutions to pest problems, we will offer a free inspection and help propose a detailed plan specific to your home and needs. Fill out our online form or call us at (602) 923-1457.