Found everywhere in the United States, flies are a persistent pest. Arizona residents often struggle to keep them at bay. Wet monsoon seasons and mild winters are the perfect recipe for booming fly populations. Flies are more than a nuisance – due to breeding in decaying organic matter, they carry bacteria, fungi, and even viruses. Knowing a few basic fly control tips can help you get rid of them.

Attraction & Prevention

You’re minding your own business, eating a tasty sandwich, and you notice you’re not alone. You know them when you see them – wings, bulbous compound eyes, six legs, hovering around your plants, disposal, garbage, and your kitchen table. Arizona is home to many fly species, including houseflies, sandflies, fruit flies, blowflies, and biting flies. Keeping them away is easier than fighting an infestation.

Flies are drawn to water and decaying organic matter (think garbage, compost piles, sewers, animal droppings and manure, and yard clippings).

  • Keep the kitchen clean: clean up spills & scraps right away
  • Take out the garbage right away
  • Keep outdoor garbage bins clean, closed, & away from doors & windows
  • Keep doors & windows closed
  • Use snug window screens
  • Eliminate water sources:  keep all drains clean, fix leaks, prevent standing water outdoors

Fly Control Help

Fly infestations happen, even to homeowners with great prevention practices. If you need to know more about keeping flies away or are dealing with a pesky infestation, give Arizona Organic Pest and Termite Control a call – we’ll gladly give you a FREE, no-obligation quote on a fly treatment plan.