All sorts of Arizona pests will cause more than a nuisance, and may actually make a sizable dent in your wallet to due damages. Rarer sights of an October pest includes signs of scorpions, although the scorpion season is slowly coming to an end. While you should be on the lookout for these pests making nests and shelter in the warmth of your own home, the real threat is actually a much smaller one – the termite.

Termites may not be as active this year due to the lack of monsoon storms we’ve received, but you should still remain vigilant in protecting your home against these pests at all times. Knowing that a termite problem can occur during any time of the year, along with knowing what signs to look out for, are crucial to avoiding long-term termite damages. Use these tips to learn more on this dangerous October pest.

Sign 1: Termite Shelter Tubes

Termites make shelter tubes to protect from predators, and they can be spotted along the foundation, walls, and metal caps of your home. It is the perfect nest for termites to thrive in 0 dark and humid, which not only is good for developing termites, but also for their food storage as well.

Sign 2: Subterranean Tunnels

Depending on the species of termite, you may not encounter a termite that create shelter tubes, but rather will end up digging subterranean tunnels instead. These are used for transporting both termites and their food.

Sign 3: Blowholes In Trees

Although both types of termites can live in trees, it is usually the subterranean termites that will colonize along the trunk and roots of a tree. These are a little harder for the average person to discover, but if you suspect you may have an infestation around your home or on your property, call Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control for a free consultation today – knowing the proper sounds to listen for in the trunk is essential to spotting termites early!

Sign 4: Earthen Packing

When termites work through a timber, you may notice earthen packing on the surface. This most likely place you will find them is on foundation walls and joints.

Sign 5: Termite Noises and Wood Excavation

By leaving a thin layer of material intact, termites can often go unnoticed for some time while making themselves comfy. When they begin digging deeper into the wood of your home, you may start hearing them – this is an important sign to get a hold of a termite exterminator right away!

Sign 6: Termite Presence

While inspecting your home, you may notice some immediate indicators of termites, in the forms of their droppings and wings. Termite droppings, also referred to as frass, can be found at the entryways that termites use. If you find discarded wings in your home, it means termites have flown around to find a new place to nest. This is another sign that you should get in contact with an exterminator immediately.

What If I Find Termites?

You should stay calm – while termites are worrying to find, it is only in rare cases that they pose an immediate threat. Termites do not bite humans, and will not transfer diseases or sickness as some other pests will. That said, the structural integrity of your home is at risk when dealing with termites, and you should get an immediate quote and inspection for termites and damages. Second opinions also never hurt, and Arizona Organic Pest & Termite control is here to help keep you and your home secure! To take care of this common October pest, fill out our form online or call us at (602) 923-1457.