Why are Rats & Mice Bad for Your Living Environment?

Why are Rats & Mice Bad for Your Living Environment? There are many species of rats and mice throughout the United States that invade homes and offices, putting your family and coworkers at risk of numerous health issues. House mice, deer mice, cotton rats, Norway rats and roof rats are some of the more common rodents you may come across. If you ever spot any of these creatures stirring it is important that you contact a pest control professional to take care of the problem before it becomes a larger issue. Here are a couple crucial reasons why you need to rid your home of these pests right away.

Spoil Food

A rodent infestation within your home or office is likely occurring because the creatures are looking for food. These rodents will get into your cupboards and pantry in order to snack on any whatever you have, as they will truly eat just about anything. If you do notice that there has been some mice snacking on your food it is obviously a major waste of food and money for you, as you should not be eating it. If you don’t notice that they have been feasting and you eat the same food you may end up ingesting urine or feces, which could lead to a number of health problems, as detailed below.


Rats and mice can pass numerous diseases between to humans through saliva, feces and urine. They also harbor parasites that could cause massive health concerns too. It is important that you never try to catch a rat or mouse on your own, as this could lead to them biting you. If you ever suspect an infestation be sure to always inspect your food to ensure you are not ingesting droppings.

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