Four Most Common Diseases Passed by Pigeons

Commonly known as the rats of the sky, pigeons are known for their transmission of a large number of diseases that can be passed on to humans. If you have a home or commercial building that is plagued by pigeons, you should seek assistance on managing them as soon as possible. Continuing to house the birds will put you at risk of contracting a disease. What follows are four of the most common diseases passed by pigeons.

Salmonella & Listeria

Although commonly regarded as food-borne illnesses, these diseases are also carried along by sickly birds as well. Listeria is particularly dangerous for those who are expecting children, as it can cause premature delivery and sometimes even stillbirth.

E. Coli

Pigeon poo is a common spot you could find E. Coli. This deadly disease causes anemia and heart failure, or more commonly may cause a urinary tract infection or other type of infection to develop.

Viral Encephalitis

Pigeons are known to be carriers of major viruses, including West Nile Virus, Western Equine Encephalomyelitis, and St. Louis Encephalitis. When a person contracts one of these, it may have been from a mosquito that bit a sick pigeon and then moved on to biting a human. These incredibly dangerous diseases cause various illnesses which can lead to more permanent damage in the nervous system, or even death in some cases.

Cryptococcal Meningitis

One last devastating disease that can be transmitted by pigeons is Cryptococcal Meningitis, a disease that can cause various issues including sudden blindness or induced comas.

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