Does Decorating Early Bring Pests or Cheer?

According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, early decorating for the holidays is associated with uplifted spirits. Even controlled environments, like indoor storage facilities, can potentially home some nasty pests. Now that the season for cheer is here, keep these few tips in mind to keep unwanted pests away:

Check Greenery
All types of greenery, including trees and wreaths, can often contain spiders and ticks. Make sure to inspect and shake out your greenery outdoors before bringing it inside. If you have a live tree indoors during the holiday, make sure to keep the base of it clean and to inspect that no nesting insects have emerged. 

Inspect Your Boxes
Rodents and insects love to make nests inside of our storage boxes. Be sure to check each box for holes or marks before bringing it inside, especially if they have been stored outside, in an attic, or other closed-off spaces.

Keep It In Plastic
Utilize sealed plastic containers. Pests are far less likely to get into sealed plastic than an easily-chewable cardboard box. Any decor store in non-plastic tubs should be looked over for any damage and unpacked outside in order to ensure no pests get in.

Store Wood Safely
Many types of pests will live within bundles of wood, so it is good practice to keep wood stored away from your home and always be sure to shake them off before bringing inside.

Enjoy Your Holidays
We wish you the best at all your holiday festivities. While we can’t help with your human guest issues, we are always more than happy to help with your pest issues. For more information on Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control’s organic approach or for a service appointment, please call us today.