While there are pests in Arizona that are mainly just annoying rather than dangerous, this particular pest is not one of those species. Known for spreading disease and causing irritation, mosquitoes are an insect that you do not want to deal with on your property.

Best identified by their long nose-like appendage, mosquitoes are known to drink blood and nectar. Only the females drink blood from hosts, and they can be further identified by their gray color and long body with six legs. Because of their endemic nature, mosquitoes can be a hard problem to solve, especially in areas like lakes or ponds. 


How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes?


While there are plenty of other dangerous pests, mosquitoes are among the worst to encounter, even being one of the deadliest animals in the world. Although mosquito-borne illnesses are not as common in Arizona, they do remain a threat and should be treated properly. 


5 Mosquito Prevention Tips


Things like candles and repellant will work for temporary effect, but they do not eliminate mosquitoes. The way to make a dent in the amount of these pests hanging around your home is to prevent them from being there in the first place. Removing factors that attract mosquitoes is your best way to start to eliminate the problem.


  1. Remove any area of standing water from your yard and address any drainage issues along gutters.
  2. Regularly trim trees, bushes, and shrubbery to reduce resting places.
  3. Clear your yard of any debris like leaf piles and yard clippings.
  4. Keep all water features such as pools and spas clean from debris, and be sure the water is regularly cycled.
  5. Start a pest control program to eliminate other sources of attraction.


Because of how easy it is for mosquitoes to become a larger problem due to their quick reproductive capabilities, it can be difficult to keep them under control through DIY methods. While they may help temporarily, you may be best off getting a custom pest control plan in place for your property. Arizona Organic is fully trained and licensed to assist with all your pest control needs, especially mosquito removal. Call us today or fill out our online form to get a free inspection and start for your plan today!