Four Most Common Diseases Passed by Rodents

Although it may be common to find rats and mice as household pets, the ones you find in the wild are actually much more dangerous than you may think. Wild rodents pose a number of health hazards. If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, make sure to call or set up an appointment right away to avoid the spread of disease from these nasty pests. What follows are the four most common diseases passed by rodents or through rodent-infected food.


Also known as Salmonella, this disease is known for causes fevers, vomiting, nausea, and a variety of other issues. Should you ever eat food that has rat feces in or around it, you very well may develop Salmonellosis!

Rat-Bite Fever

Although not limited to just rats, but mice as well, Rat-bite Fever is a disease passed along primarily through a bite. That said, you can still develop this disease by ingesting food or water that has been contaminated by rodent feces. When not treated, this disease can be fatal.

Lassa Fever

Although it is less common inside the U.S., Lassa Fever is a viral infection that causes fevers and headaches that can develop into permanent deafness or even death. It’s transmitted primarily by ingesting infected food or drinks, breathing in dust contaminated with feces, or through bites from one of these pests.


Simply breathing in air that is near urine or eating food contaminated by urine can cause you to contract this bacterial disease. If left untreated, Leptospirosis can cause kidney damage, liver failure, respiratory issues and in some cases death.

Although household rodents can be cute, those found in the wild should be treated as such–wild. If you find yourself battling rodents of any kind, make sure to call or fill out our online form to get an inspection and rat-infestation plan started to clear up your property!