Four Proper Ant Control Tips For Phoenix Home Owners

According to the National Pest Management Association, ants are among the top greatest nuisances in the United States. Although several thousand types of ants have been identified, the U.S. alone is home to at least 700 of them! These insects work in large colonies and take on different roles to help expand the nest – this means ants may appear in a number of different colors, sizes, and even sometimes have different types of antennae! When left to their own devices around our homes, these pests can be quite a problem by eating foods left out and contaminating sources high in sugar. 

Found along walkways and shrubs, ants will typically seize any opportunity to enter a home through an opening or break in the foundation. Two commonly found ant types include Pharaoh ants – which are tiny and have a light color to them and are known to transmit contaminates – and Carpenter ants – which are similar to termites and can eat away at wooden structures, weakening their structural integrity. You may even find yourself coming across odorous house ants, known for the unpleasant smell they make when crushed. Here are some tips for proper ant control you can implement in your own home.

Make it Hard for Them to Invade

Part of what makes ants hard to combat is their natural ability to communicate with other ants. Typically when a new food source is found, pheromones are produced that alert and attract other colony members. This is exactly why the sight of a few ants can quickly increase to a colony-size in just a matter of hours! To keep ants out of your home, consider these tips:

  • Limit all food sources that could attract ants. This means sealing any open containers, washing any dirty dishes, and covering or removing uneaten pet food.
  • Search for, and remove, any standing water. Sometimes sprinklers will allow water to pool up – also be sure to check for any cracks or leaks if you have crawlspaces around your home!
  • Seal all exterior damages. Breaks in your foundation, near windows, doors, or other common opening areas have the potential to allow in not only ants, but various other pests as well.
  • Clean regularly. Keeping countertops and other areas of your kitchen clean will help prevent ant attraction to missed food particles.

In some cases, ants can become too overwhelming to deal with on your own. Eventually, there come times where even do-it-at-home methods that are store-bought can’t do the job either. When it gets to that point, or if you think an ant infestation is beginning, give Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control a call to set up an appointment. We’ll get your pest control plan personalized for exactly what you need!