How to Spot Termites

One of the most important pests to keep an eye out for are termites. They are estimated to cause upwards of $5 billion each year in property damages in just the United States alone! While nobody wants to be the victim of these pests, there are certain signs to watch for to catch an infestation early – this is essential if you want to prevent structural damage from affecting the integrity of your home! On top of these tips, also be sure to receive annual termite inspections by a professional. This is something we do at Arizona Organic, and we’d be happy to help you coordinate your own termite and pest control plan customized to fit your needs. Here’s just a few tips on what to watch for and how to spot termites yourself:

Fallen Wings

When termites are leaving their nests, they use their wings to fly. Once they arrive at their new location, they quickly begin setting up home and shed their wings. If you find many sets of wings around each other and they share a similar size, there is a good chance termites landed and are nearby. This is a sign of concern and you should call a professional immediately to have the situation assessed.

Mud Tubes

Termites rely on a steady climate to survive. This means that when nesting, they will tunnel inside the ground to the point that it cools down the air and keeps it dry. When searching for these tunnels, look on the ground around any areas with wood – this includes the walls of your home, a backyard shed, or even your trees!

Wood Damage

The most noticeable sign of termites is through wood damage itself. Look around your wooden surfaces including decks, walls, flooring, railing, and wherever else wood may be. Look for unsightly grooves inside of the wood, as this is a sign that the termites have chewed through in search of cellulose. If left alone, this can result in major structural damage.

If you suspect you may have a termite infestation, or if you’ve found definite signs of them, do not hesitate to make an appointment for treatment. These pests are known to cause serious destruction, but the good news is you can start keeping your eyes out for signs and hopefully catch a potential threat far ahead of time. Give Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control a ring – we’ll help set up your household with a proper pest control and termite treatment plan, customized just for your situation.