It’s a Mosquito Trap!

Arizona Organic offers a monthly mosquito trap program to help relieve your mosquito population, and therefore reduce your susceptibility to being bitten. Our mosquito traps are a cost effective and successful means to protect your family from being dinner for these annoying pests.

Monsoon season comes around once a year and that means mosquitoes are not far behind. Mosquitoes tend to exist almost exclusively outside, but during the hot summer months. Being cooped up all summer is no fun, and enjoying your backyard in the cooler evenings can be a real treat. Unfortunately this can be a treat for the mosquitos as well. The best way to get rid of the mosquitos is at the breeding source – but if the source isn’t on your property, we can’t treat it. We do have a solution to protect your space from this issue.

  • Non-toxic & Environmentally Safe Mosquito Trap
  • Contains No Pesticides
  • Economical, Reduced Labor and Equipment Costs
  • No Batteries or Electricity Required
  • Effective Mosquito Management.
  • Mosquito Traps and kills adult mosquitoes.
  • Durable & Rugged.