Keeping Termites Away From Your Home

Termites are a problem that no one wants to have. It’s not like you woke up this morning and picked this as the latest problem you wanted for your home. So what can you do to prevent termites and what do you do if they have already moved in?

We all know that termites love wood and the older your house the more likely you are to have termites at some point. Termites especially like wood that has been exposed to moisture and has started to decay. This includes things that are found near your home, not just in it. 

Take a look around the outside of your home. Do you have a wood pile that is exposed to the elements? Is water collecting there and starting to turn into a smorgasbord for unwanted guests? How about trees that have been cut down? Is the trunk still in the ground? Termites love these too!

Keeping termites away from your home means removing their free meals.

Here are a couple things to check for and take care of on your property. 

  • Keep your firewood stored away from your home, 30-40 feet is ideal.
  • Dig up old tree stumps, and while you’re at it, maybe plant a new tree or bush. 
  • Make sure to keep leaves and sticks cleaned up.
  • Repair damage to any wood around your home, especially if it is from a leaking pipe.
  • Fix that pipe that we were just talking about too!

What To Do If You Suspect You Have a Termite Problem

If you suspect that termites have decided to make your home their next meal, give Arizona Organic Pest and Termite Control a call. Remember that trying to take care of a termite infestation is not a do-it-yourself project. We will be happy to give you a free, no obligation estimate.