With only a little more than two months left in the year, it has become increasingly clear that the monsoon season has passed us by this year. For Arizona, this is rather abnormal, and causes a dryer, hotter year for residents – especially considering that since the start of summer, we have seen less than a half inch of rainfall in Phoenix. For the record, Arizona normally experiences 8-9 inches of rain, making these dry spells more perplexing. Because of this, insects and other pests are now leaving their desert homes in order to find other sources of moisture – most often in the form of someone’s lawn or home.

Dawn Gauge, a public health entomologist at University of Arizona, has said that because of the summer drought, the high temperature we are experiencing has also been limiting the amount of food and water available for desert pests to feed on. Where the monsoon season would normally be helping pests, pests like roaches, crickets, and ants are now moving towards neighborhoods where the lucky pests may find shelter. The longer the dry season lasts, the more likely it is that you will find a pest making a new home inside of yours. 

In order for you to properly be prepared for these pests, we recommend you make an appointment with Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control for your free quote, and we will work hand in hand to produce a unique pest control solution program tailored to your needs. In any case, there are some additional steps you can take yourself to prepare as well. 

  • Sanitize surfaces in your home, especially in areas like the pantry or kitchen where food is stored.
  • Inspect your home inside and out for signs of cracks or holes – these are surefire ways to get an infestation, especially as these pests migrate in large numbers.
  • Check walls, exterior structures, and large appliances for signs of pests – dirt buildup, droppings, and shavings are all things you should look out for.
  • Check for areas of excess moisture in and around your home – drain standing water and make sure you have no leaks.
  • Remove piles of wood and debris away from the walls of your home.

As the year continues and these pests migrate in larger numbers, you may find that preventative pest control measures, such as border treatments around your home, do not help against large amounts of pests. In these cases, we recommend calling Arizona Organic for a free quote today!