Spring is in the air and soon enough those pesky pests will be showing up. Part of keeping a pest free home is making sure that some basic spring cleaning items are on your “to do list” this spring.

  1. Yard Clean Up – Taking care of leaves, weeds and dead branches that have accumulated over the winter is a good place to start. Getting outside and enjoying the weather is also a great side benefit to cleaning up your yard and removing the debris that pests may use as their home.
  2. Check The Exterior of Your Home for New Entrances – While you’re out cleaning up the outside of your house, take a look at the seals around your windows and doors and make sure they are in good shape. Also pay attention to screens and make sure that they are not in need of repair. 
  3. Adjust Your Watering Schedule –  It’s important to make sure that our yards are receiving the proper amount of water for the season. It’s also important not to overwater and create an inviting environment for pests. Gnats, cockroaches and fleas love a moist environment. 
  4. Check for Standing Water – After storms or even watering your yard, make sure that there are no areas where water is left standing. Check for standing water in planters, buckets, pool toys and children’s toys that may have been left out. Mosquitoes love standing water and can reproduce quickly and in large numbers. 
  5. Check Around Wooden Structures – If you have a patio, shed or even planter that is made of wood and is in direct contact with soil, be sure to double check it. Keeping termites out of your home is a top priority and during the spring, termites come out in swarms.

Adding a few extra tasks to our spring cleaning routine can help prevent an issue later this summer. Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control is here to help you if you’ve run into a pest issue you can’t seem to resolve. We also are here to stop an infestation from ever becoming a problem. Give us a call today and we can help set up an organic pest control program for you.