Perhaps you’ve noticed some disturbing things – mysterious holes in food packages in the pantry, something that looks suspiciously like a nest or a tunnel in your attic insulation, odd scrabbling sounds behind the bathroom vanity lights while you brush your teeth, or chew marks and droppings near Fido’s water dish. Unless Junior’s pet rat escaped for a nighttime adventure, you’ve got uninvited mice or rats scurrying around, and they need to go!

Culprits & Bad Company

Arizona is home to many rodents, though the most commonly found in Valley homes are pack rats, house mice, and roof rats. These pests are known to cause all kinds of health problems, spread disease, and wreak havoc on your property, and they never come alone. Parasitic pests like lice, fleas, and ticks enjoy free transportation on these fuzzy menaces, too. Rodents ruin property with their constant gnawing on wood, wires, insulation, drywall, food, food packaging, and more – they’ll literally eat you out of house and home.

Count the DIY Costs

We all want to solve problems without spending too much, and there are DIY projects that certainly turn out well. Unfortunately, pest control, especially with rodents, is not that kind of project. 

For one thing, these pests are masters at adapting to challenges. Rodents can squeeze through tiny spaces and openings, party all night, nest in hard-to-reach places, and reproduce faster than nature should allow. For another thing, the DIY methods range from inefficient traps to toxic and outright dangerous poisons. Spending money on baits, traps, ultrasonic noise repellants, more traps, more bait… let’s face it: spending that money and effort won’t get rid of rodents for good.

You Aren’t Alone in the Fight

You don’t have to give up or fight a rodent infestation on your own! The professionals at Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control have the training, experience, protective equipment, and tools to rid your property of rodents. Don’t spend another dime on a DIY method that will fail you. Give us a call today for an appointment and a customized plan to make your home a pest-free zone.