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Should I Do Anything If I Don’t Have Termites?

Be sure to determine if you have any termite warranties from previous treatments. Then remove any conducive conditions such as:

  • All wood-to-soil contacts, including wood piles, wood sidings, support beams, and other wooden structures.
  • Mulch and plant products from the foundation or exterior walls.
  • Ensure your foundation is visible and exposed.
  • Resolve moisture from around the home or crawlspace.
  • Repair damaged wooden structures.
  • Inspect any problematic areas regularly looking for mud tubes, swarms, or damaged wood. Free inspections are easily available and will get you a professional opinion more experienced with these pests.

What If I Find Termites?

The first step is to stay calm. While it is worrying to find, they aren’t an immediate threat. Termites do not bite humans, and do not transfer disease as other pests would. What you should do is get an immediate quote and hire a termite control professional.

Getting A Second Opinion Never Hurts

Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control is here to help keep you and your home secure.

Termite Inspection


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