Tips to Get Rid of Silverfish

No one likes a pest, even if they’re not hazardous to people. Silverfish are one such nuisance found throughout the Southwest. While they don’t spread disease or bite, an infestation can cause extensive damage to your home and belongings. If you find unusual wear or holes in linens, stored clothing, books, magazines, and even carpets, silverfish are a prime suspect.

A Quick Look

Silverfish are about ½” long and wingless, with a long oval-shaped body, silver/grey scales, antennae on the head, and a three-pronged tail end. They hide during daylight hours and venture out to nibble and socialize at night. They prefer moisture and seek out damp places –  under appliances, in kitchens and bathrooms, or attics and crawlspaces. Silverfish aren’t picky eaters. They’ll eat starchy foods in your pantry, anything made of paper (including wallpaper), fabric, and even hair.

Act Now to Prevent Infestation

Preventing silverfish from invading is your best option. Like every creature in Arizona, they need food, water, and shelter – your goal is to make your home unappealing to them. 

  • Food storage:  make sure food is properly stored in airtight containers.
  • Keep up with the trash:  bag and dispose of trash and garbage frequently.
  • Eliminate water sources:  fix leaks in plumbing, from appliances, or on the roof right away. Check your property inside and out for sources of standing water.
  • Eliminate hiding places:  don’t let magazines or newspapers pile up. Keep floors vacuumed, and seal cracks or spaces in baseboards.

Evict Freeloading Pests

Even the best housekeeping routines won’t prevent silverfish from hitching a ride into your home from an outside source. If they do try to make themselves at home, give Arizona Organic Pest and Termite Control a call. We’ll gladly give you a FREE, no obligation quote to fight your silverfish problem.