Top Signs You Have Carpenter Ants

Don’t take the size of the carpenter ant lightly! Despite how small they may be, they have the potential to cause big-time damages. Learning about carpenter ants and the signs of an infestation is the first step to protecting your home from these nasty buggers. If left to their own devices, a colony may emerge on your property and cause serious threat to your wooden home features! Here’s a few signs of carpenter ant activity on your property;

Rustling Sounds In Walls

Although many will have their first thought jump to rodents in the walls, the truth is that carpenter ants are awfully noisy as well! Ants working tirelessly at building a nest can be heard from inside the walls.

Wooden Shavings

Check around the edges of your home, especially anywhere with a gap small enough for pests to get into. Ants busy at work will often leave trails of wood shavings around the area!

Hollow Studs

Although it’s hard to tell from this one step alone whether the culprit is carpenter ants or termites, knocking on your wall where a stud should be located only to find a hollow sound is a good sign of an infestation. 

Discarded Wings

Don’t take a look at discarded wings and think your ant problem is solved – finding bodiless wings is actually a sign that the carpenter ants have fully gone through their shedding phase, and may be more active than ever!

Dampened Wood

Although not caused directly by carpenter ants, the sign of dampening wood is something that should be immediately taken care of as it can lead to larger infestations – especially by ants that are drawn to it!

If you find yourself experiencing issues with carpenter ants, make sure to get in touch with a trusted exterminator. Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control have serviced homes across Phoenix since 1995! We offer free consultations and will help to build a pest control plan tailored to your needs. And the best part is that we use organic methods, making us proud to offer pest control that’s better for living things.