What To Know About Scorpions

After living in Phoenix for some time, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across one of these creepy arachnids – the scorpion. Scorpions are easily identifiable by their pincers, long segmented tail, and elongated stinger and can sometimes grow up to 3 inches in length! The kind we typically see in the Valley are either a tannish-yellow or dark brown to black in color. Since these pests are nocturnal and reclusive, here are some commonly asked questions and tips should you come across one of these creepy crawlies when you least expect it!

How Venomous Are Scorpions?

In most cases, especially here in the Valley, we deal with the less-venomous types. Although a sting can be painful, it will rarely result in a need for a visit to the hospital. The exception to this are Bark Scorpions, which are incredibly dangerous and have enough venom to possibly even be fatal to a person. Usually, the larger and darker the scorpion, the better off you are!

Should I Be Concerned If I See One In My Home?

You might wonder if finding a scorpion is a sign of bad luck, but at the end of the day it really means just one thing:  your home has at least one access point that allows pests a way inside. Finding scorpions inside is not a good sign and should prompt you to begin looking at pest control options for your home.

How Do I Keep Scorpions From Entering My Home?

Here are some ideas on where to check first for signs of activity:

  • Look for gaps and cracks around your home and be sure to seal them up
  • Keep clutter under control and avoid creating extra hiding spaces
  • Trim all vegetation around your home, including any shrubs or trees that may be leaning over enough to give pests access to your home
  • Keep your home dry and moisture-free with dehumidifiers

What Is The Best Way To Kill Scorpions?

There are various over-the-counter methods you can try, but when facing a scorpion infestation, the best and only option to completely eliminate the source of the problem is to hire a pest control company to handle it for you. Finding a single scorpion in your home or garage can be a sign that more are on their way, if they haven’t nested inside already – the last thing you need to deal with are scorpions that are actively breeding inside. 

With Arizona Organic, you can be sure that your scorpion problem will be eliminated. We start with a free inspection of your property to help you evaluate what steps need to be taken, and then we create a custom service plan built and tailored to those needs. Don’t hesitate to get started – call Arizona Organic today, and clear out those scorpions!