What Wildlife Can a Pest Control Specialist Remove?

All sorts of pests pose risks to your home, although in many cases the pests themselves are harmless and your main worry is contaminated food. Ants, roaches, bedbugs and more all have their own share of problems, but the larger critters such as raccoons and squirrels will be a different kind of threat to humans. These critters have the potential to scratch, bite, jump, and destroy belongings should they find their way into your home – all are capable of transmitting disease as well. When threatened, these pests are no laughing matter – which is why you should let a professional pest control company like Arizona Organic take care of wildlife pest control for you.

Rats & Mice

As the most common larger pest known to make your home their own, rats and mice are capable of spreading numerous diseases and risk contaminating food with their droppings. While homemade traps may work, a specialist like Arizona Organic will be able to offer more humane trapping methods.


Always on the prowl for new food and shelter, raccoons tend to make lodgings under crawl spaces. If you have a raccoon or family of raccoons living on your property, call a specialist to eliminate the risk of bites and rabies.


One of the last things you want is to be sprayed by skunk, and even less so to have your belongings and furniture ruined by the smell. Skunks should always be taken care of by a trusted specialist!


Although seemingly cute from far away, squirrels can be quite vicious up close. When threatened, these little critters are quick and will not hesitate to attack back.


While birds can sometimes easily be released back outside through an open door or window, sometimes they manage to get themselves trapped inside our homes. If you find a nest in or near your home, call your trusted specialist to have the birds moved. 


Opossums are vicious and will attack without reason. They require special care to remove due to their combative nature.


One bite from a bat and you’ll turn into a vampire! Well, not quite, but bats do carry a number of diseases and should not be dealt with alone. Call a trusted specialist to get these pests relocated safely.

If you find yourself combating any of these pests and live in the greater metropolitan area of Phoenix or its surrounding cities, Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control is here to assist you. With a variety of humane and green pest control options, we can help set up a plan specific to your needs.