Why are Rats & Mice Bad for Your Living Environment?

Rodents can be awful for your living environment – there are enough species throughout the United States that have tendencies to invade and nest inside of homes and office spaces, which puts you, your family and your coworkers at risk for some serious health problems down the line. Common rodents that spread diseases in these areas include house mice, deer mice, cotton rats, Norway rats and roof rats, although there are many other types that can pop up as well. If you suspect you have an infestation or already see signs of rodent damage around your property, it is time to schedule an appointment with a trusted pest control professional – Arizona Organic is here to help with a free consultation and inspection today! Here are some of the more crucial tips for spotting rodents and learning what makes rats and mice bad for your living environment.


Rodents are capable of passing numerous diseases on to humans, usually through the transfer of feces, urine or saliva. Included among the diseases spread are:

  • Lassa fever
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tularemia
  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

Spoiled Food

Rodent infestations within the place you reside are often caused by a search of food by the rodents. They may attempt to access your pantry or cupboards just to nibble on any food they have access to. If you notice bites or marks that could be from rodents, you should make notes of it and throw out the food so as to reduce the likelihood of catching disease from contaminated food. Keeping your food stored in air-tight containers and properly secured in your pantry or refrigerator will help reduce the likelihood of rodents contaminating them. As with most other pests, the best way to keep mice and rats away is to be sure all food is properly sealed and stored away, and that you regularly clean spaces like kitchen counters of food particles before the end of each day.

Dealing with rodents in any capacity can be quite a daunting experience, but that is where Arizona Organic comes in to help. Starting a pest control plan tailored to your needs starts with an easy and free inspection and consultation, at which point we will check your space for signs of any pests including mice, rats, termites, and more. Call us today or fill out our contact form to start.