Why Do I Have Carpenter Ants On My Property?

Phoenix is full of pests, some of which will be more destructive than others. Pests such as ants will actually fall into both the destructive and non-destructive pest categories, as they have the potential to contaminate food, spread disease and contamination and leave their waste behind. Among these are a special kind of ant, the Carpenter Ant, and they are no exception. Actually belonging to the same family as termites and carpenter bees, these pests are capable of eating through structures and causing serious damages! For information on carpenter ant identification and treatment, read our tips ahead!

Easy Ways To Identify Carpenter Ants

  • Large ants at nearly ½ inch in length
  • Ants that are dark black in color, with a shine on their bodies
  • Grass, or powdered remains of wood, being found by baseboards
  • Trails of ants leading in or out of your kitchen or panty

What Are These Carpenter Ants on My Property Attracted To?

As with all other living things, ants require nutrients to survive. Carpenter ants primarily find themselves attracted to water and food – if you have noticed more ants around the inside of your home, then there is a good chance they are starting to nest and make your home their own. Some common things that carpenter ants are attracted to include:

  • Pet food (either dry or wet)
  • Sugar (such as from a spilled drink or food on the counter)
  • Proteins (from meat and other fatty products)
  • Dead insects (such as other ants and beetles)

If any of these factors are found around your home, there’s a chance it is drawing in carpenter ants. The damage that these pests cause is nothing to laugh at, and should be addressed immediately before the situation becomes overwhelming. Signs that you have had carpenter ants and need to get immediate treatment include:

  • Sagging walls
  • Weakened wooden supports
  • Falling or splitting ceilings
  • Tight fitted doors and windows

Without the help of professionals, carpenter ants can be a nightmare to keep under control. Since they act behind the scenes, many homeowners who suffer from carpenter ants do not realize until it is far too late – while over the counter treatments can be used, they’re often toxic and harmful for pets, children and others in your family. Managing your pests with a proper pest control prevention plan is the proper route to take, and something Arizona Organic is happy to start you on beginning with a free consultation to make a plan specific to your needs.

Almost any DIY method will fail, and in order to keep your home free from unnecessary toxins, give Arizona Organic a call and get started today! We have a full team of trained and certified professionals who are here to help you protect your family and home today.